A proper welcome

The Toomer’s Corner wires can cross another item off their to-do list. The new victory landmarks celebrated their first S-E-C win Saturday night. The comeback win over Mississippi State brought fans out to the corner with their decorating artillery in hand. This is the third time this season that fans have rolled the wires. Although this is a new era for the university and community, the Auburn pride is still at the corner after a win.



The score and time mean that the celebration will begin soon.



A vendor cashes in on a student looking for a last minute, rolling necessity.



With toilet paper in hand, students make the journey to the corner.



The party at the corner is just getting started.



Signs of victory hang from the sky.



With the stare of a tiger, Trish Feeney takes in the new tradition.



A student sets his sight and takes aim in hopes of making his mark above the street.



The cool night’s breeze wisps the paper back and forth.



The win has the Auburn family aglow.



All the visible remnants of the win are gone. The corner sits and waits for the next celebration.


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